We Believe in the lost art of hospitality

We Believe in our neighborhood

We Believe that building community builds success

We Believe that coffee is not complicated

We Believe the best food is not complicated either

We Believe we are not a team, they are not staff, you are not customers, because…

We Believe that we are all family!

coffee into cup


Origin coffees from around the world
your favorite coffee drinks,
loose leaf teas, Indian River citrus
and more
soup & sandwich

Breakfast & Lunch

Fresh-made soups,
breakfast and lunch sandwiches
chocolate chip cookies

Sweet endings

Tempting café sweets
are the perfect ending, beginning
or middle

chef michael

Who is Chef Michael?

“Look down into your cup, what can you tell me about it? Exactly, just as I guessed. In our food-origin-obsessed society, most of us know little about our coffee. What if I told you it started as a seed, became a flowering plant, produced a fruit with a pit, or bean, inside. Do I have your attention now? I bet now that I made you think, you want your coffee organically grown and minimally handled – and only by the highest quality persons with professional integrity – from seedling until it reaches your cup?”

Born with a passion for flavor and hospitality in his soul, Chef Michael Glatz has spent a lifetime working in great kitchens in Connecticut, Vermont, Pennsylvania, California, Puerto Rico, and Florida. He has weaved between kitchen and dining room, dairy farm and cheese cave, vineyard and winery in five different countries. In his youth, he dreamed of owning a neighborhood coffee shop in his elder years where his staff and his customers became family, and he never felt like he was going to work each day. That day has come Vero Beach Florida with your community coffee house, Coffee House 1420.

Our Menu

Relax. Recharge. Belong.



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